Main Street

A key conduit to the city centre and all points beyond, Main Street commences north of the cities boundaries and routes through a long list of communities on its way to culminating at the Red River in Winnipeg’s downtown.

Eight lanes wide this is a major traffic route that is lined with a variety of stores, shops and services. The North End district commences at Carruthers Avenue and ends at the CP Rail underpass.

Historically, like Selkirk Avenue, Main Street was home to a wide range of retail operations and entertainment centres. Popular Friday night hangouts for the youth of the area included any number of pool halls notably Nordic’s and Sportsman’s. Movie houses like the College Theatre and restaurants including Keleckis, This is It (The It) and Hop-In amongst many others.

Today’s Main Street does remain a vibrant and diverse district, with heavy traffic and bus routes along the wide street. Many unique and distinct shops remain providing their traditional products and satisfying the tastes of Winnipeg’s diverse community. The dictum, “location, location, location” would indicate that developing a business along Main Street is viable for many types of operations. The street is populated today with service organizations, banks, restaurants, retail shops and a range of specialty service providers from mechanical contractors to aboriginal crafts.

Home to the well-known Mount Carmel Clinic just off of Main Street, more recent developments has seen the establishment of the Social Enterprise Centre at 765 Main and the opening of the Neechi Commons a workers co-op providing grocery items, fresh fruit and vegetables, fish market, general hardware, art co-op, restaurant and of course their well-known bakery. These new enterprises are injecting new life into the southern section of Main Street.

Main Street is served by two business associations, North End BIZ and further north by Merchants Between the Parks Business Association.

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