Community Business Partnerships

The North End Business Development Centre’s role is to work within the community, assisting businesses in their stability and growth, working to establish new business enterprises whether social or private and attracting new business to the North End community.This is a big task and in working to achieve our objectives we engage with many organizations to guide and assist us.

Selkirk Avenue BIZ

Is the association of businesses along Selkirk Avenue from Main Street west to Arlington Street. This organization works to improve the attractiveness of the Avenue and in supporting the interests of their member businesses. Key projects have included the former marketing as “The Shoppes of Selkirk Avenue”, street enhancements with the series of youth designed banners, flower barrels and providing a summer clean-up crew. The BIZ has taken upadministration space at the NEBDC building and has their clean up team working from this facility.

North End BIZ

Formerly the Mosaic Market, this Main Street business association is bordered by the CP Rail Overpass to the south and extends as far as St. John’s Avenue. The North End BIZ is the largest of the three area associations and similar to their counterparts is responsible for the image of their area and supporting the interest of their business members. Undertakings have included lamppost banners reflecting their business brand, benches, flowerpots and providing a street clean-up crew.

Merchants Between the Parks / North Main BIZ

The third business association is working to become a BIZ zone and formalize their offerings and take advantage of the opportunities this may provide. When formed this new organization will be known as “North Main BIZ”. The area of coverage fro this loose organization extends well beyond the North End boundaries. the area within our defined North End is north of St. John’s Avenue to Carruthers Avenue.  Further work and engagement with their business community may see a formalization of the BIZ in the next little while.

North End Community Renewal Corporation (NECRC)

While the hosting organization of the NEBDC, NECRC is also a strategic partner in that we operate at arm’s length to focus solely on the business program yet are involved in the community renewal programs which do tie in with the economic deevlopment process that is their mandate. “To promote the social, cultural and economic renewal of Winnipeg’s North End”. Providing the facility and operating costs allows this business development program to operate and provde the valued service to the business community.  NECRC logo



Neighbourhoods Alive!

A provincial government initiative to support the renewal of local communities, NA! is a funder of the Business Development Program and many other programs undertaken by NECRC. Without this financial support, we would be unable to provide our services. NA! Logo

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